Monday, March 14, 2016

Episode 50: Cry Quits On The Deal!

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What fun are odometer moments if you don't make them fun? Here, I hope, is a fun episode for you. Episode 50: Cry Quits On The Deal! has a message, sure, but I have included attempts at humor to bring sarcasm and parody, hopefully to leaven that darned persistent message.

You also hear Counterspin's Steve Rendall, telling a story from October of 2014.

I mention quite a bit of the music played herein, including "Bomb Run", a piece from the Stanley Kubrick movie "Dr. Strangelove"; Mistle Thrush doing a bit of "It's All Like Today", and KMFDM doing a bit of "Attak/Reload" while Mark Blythe mentions bullshit.

And though I didn't mention it in the show itself, I also played a bit of music from Assif Tsahar and Tastsuya Nakatani, doing "West 4th"; Dumbo Gets Mad doing "Harmony"; and Raphae doing "Echo".

Ooo! And this time I get to thank Voices Other Than My Own! You'll first hear Kevin. Then you'll hear Mila. Thanks to both of you for much needed vocal variety! And once again, Kevin, thanks so much for the hard work that went into the ending sketch!

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