Sunday, March 27, 2016

Episode 51: Scarequotes Required

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Ever notice how some words get used again and again and again, as if those words could be used interchangeably in any situation? That's because they are not, as they sound, declarations of good and mighty, but rather negations of many, many different bad and puny situations. Unless one specifies the specific bad thing when one uses these words, the word lacks specific meaning. So, to be honest about one's intentions, one needs to follow the title of this Episode 51: Scarequotes Required, and give a sign that this is one such term.

In this episode, I play a bit of On The Media's Brooke Gladstone interviewing Curt Guyette, and a snippet from Counterspin with blogger/investigator Chris Savage. Musically, you hear How How doing "Pinkery the Kinght" (yes, that is how they spell their song), and the Army band playing John Phillips Souza's "Stars and Stripes Forever." Jan Wong introduces this episode with backing from KMFDM. Special thanks to George Hrab for supplying the word I intend should be scarequoted with most usages.

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