Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Episode 152: The Nuisance Economy

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Once and a while, it's good to expend a little more effort in order to expend a bit less effort. It's complicated. Anyway, enjoy the result, a chat with Chad Hill of the Hip Crime Vocab Blog in this Episode 152: The Nuisance Economy.

I would highly encourage you to check out Chad's blog, but do keep in mind that, since he cares not one whit about checking his readership metrics, he won't even know you were there unless you leave him a comment, which, I'm sure, he will appreciate.

I open today's show with Mr. Ceglowski's observations about what makes a good advertiser, that backed by KMFDM's "Attak"; and I close today with Julie and Rolf and the campfire gang doing "Over The Rainbow".

I'm releasing this and all my episodes under a Creative Commons 4.0, share-alike, attribution, and non-commercial license.

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