Monday, December 19, 2016

Episode 68: The Unusual Suspects

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(This episode is part of the series The Powell Movement.)

We know that Lewis Powell, Jr. wrote his memo. But do we know who read it? It turns out several were influenced by that work enough to do work of their own, transforming their fortunes into an effort to push back at that warned-of creeping tide of liberalism supposedly washing against the bulwarks of the free enterprise system. In this Episode 68: The Unusual Suspects, I'll share a few names; some, sadly, will become all the more familiar in coming years.

In this episode, the first of the Powell Movement series, I read from David Brock's Blinded by the Right, and from Jane Mayer's Dark Money.

I also mentioned some claims of fascist tendencies in the episode: this website contains the images and needed explanation of them. The page should dispel any nostalgia for the more than recent past some may hold. (NB: It seems my memory of the exact details of both Henry Ford’s publications and the award he received in his office from Germany, while technically accurate, were nevertheless a bit muddled; I regret the errors.)

Voice-wise, I managed to coax some quite able voice talent into reading throughout this upcoming series from the Memo itself. D. L. Myers is a poet and reader of weird poetry, one who impressed me with his ability to intone the dire and woeful. Many of his readings, both of his own poetry and the work of others, can be found at his online video channel.

Musically, I dove into the unusual suspects with a tune from Jupiter Makes Me Scream entitled appropriately enough, "Dive Into." I opened with a new intro backed by KMFDM, this one voiced by Henry Giroux. The Henry Giroux interview with Bill Moyers is well worth the looksie/listen.

As with all of my episodes, I'm releasing this one under a Creative Commons 4.0 attribution, share-alike and non-commercial license.

Julie and Rolf lead a campfire rendition of "Over the Rainbow" at the close.


  1. This time the audio link doesn't even offer a clue to the actual file location... I deduced the file location based on the pattern of previous episodes... This should work:

    1. D'oh! That was my fault. Long story, but fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out, Kevin.


  2. When you mentioned that the Olin Foundation had closed up shop in 2005, I thought you were getting the wrong Olin Foundation. But no, both the John M. Olin Foundation and the F. W. Olin Foundation spent the last of their cash and closed up shop in 2005 (the latter to found my alma mater, Olin College).