Monday, November 21, 2016

Episode 67: Two Paths You Can Go By

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Oh, where would I be without listener feedback? This Episode 67: Two Paths You Can Go By, is a lengthy explanation to longest-time listener L33t Minion about why I used the language I used in that episode. I had to give a little spoiler explanation, given the weirdness that beset the entire United States of America two weeks prior to this episode's release.

As part of that spoiler, I excerpted segments of David Daley, author of Ratfucked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy from an interview about the book he gave for a show called This Is Hell. I also played several snippets of "Stairway to Heaven" covers. From start to finish, they include: Rodrigo y Gabriela, The Beatnix, Pat Boone, Dolly Parton, and Frank Zappa.

I opened the show with KMFDM backing Mark Blyth, and closed with Mistle Thrush.


  1. Great episode! I hadn't made that connection between advertising and gerrymandering before, and I'm horrified.

    (How are you writing this HTML? The problem seems to be that the URLs in those links are surrounded by curved open- and close-quote characters (“”) rather than flat double-quotes (""). Also, you should be able to edit the post and fix that.)

    1. Thanks, L33t! And it isn't just restricted to gerrymandering. Once mass data gathers enough info, that can be applied in many creative ways to destroy dissent and otherwise monkeywrench the democratic system. I'll cover that in the future.

      As to the HTML, the problem isn't the quotes, but the additional wordiage outside of them. I of course double-quoted the URL in the href=; I didn't include all that nonsense. That stuff gets added after I hit publish, breaking the links.

      And I agree, I should be able to edit and fix. But when I get the raw HTML, all I see is what I wrote. I don't seem to have authorized access to the glitchy additions.

      Which is frustrating. Ah, well.

      Thanks again!

    2. You're missing my point. The incorrect quote characters would be why that is getting interpreted as a relative URL (which is why that other stuff is added). Can you verify that the URL is surrounded by flat double-quote characters when you go to edit your post?

      And how does that compare to older posts where the links work fine, like this one?

    3. By gum, Sir, you are correct!

      It seems my text editor was "equipped" with "new" bells-and-whistles when various agencies demanded we "update" our OS. The new editor, even though I demand of it not to do so in the system preferences, "smart" inserts quotes that slant.

      Let this be a lesson to developers of all stripes! If you must "upgrade" a product by breaking its functionality, it is by definition not an "upgrade"!

      Thanks again, L33t!