Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Episode 47: Ludus Interruptus

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Ah, games. What's not to love? How about games being interrupted by constant appeals for money, either from ads or, perhaps worse, the game itself? Episode 47: Ludus Interruptus explores just such aggravations faced by today's gamers, some of them insidious, others merely irritating, some downright deplorable.

In today's episode, I play portions from an On The Media episode that aired November 18, 2011. I read from a publication called Game Career Guide, and another article from the British publication Express. You hear familiar games playing the background on occasion, and two tunes from Teleidofusion: "みなこ" and "Five Minutes of an Autumn."

Though I didn't mention it, this episode has yet another brand new intro, one featuring documentary filmmaker Bruce Livesey commenting on the power of corporate money compared to the power of government. He made these comments in Episode 77 of Canadaland. He was backed, as are all introductory voices to this show, by KMFDM's "Attack."

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  1. Hola! I don't know if Blogspot notifies you automatically, but I just left a comment back over on Episode 27, "Dead Merchandise". In that past episode, you asked people to send you other examples of anti-ad literature. I have a couple which I left over there!