Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Episode 38: Postscript

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Remember Jesse Brown, that podcaster I addressed in Episode 26, Dear Jesse? It's time to close things down in this, Episode 38: Postscript. I appreciate his attention to my correspondence, but must limit my financial and attentional (is that a word?) support for those more inclined to my view of ad-funded media. In this episode, I give reasons for that decision.

In this episode, you'll hear first a brand new KMFDM "Attak!" intro with Tim Bousquet, founder of the Halifax Examiner, as interviewed on Canadaland's Episode 88. Brooke Gladstone congratulates 99% Invisible's Roman Mars on his ability to leverage ad revenues on the backs of his contribution popularity. There's a lot of that going around. Trust me, there is at least one future episode baked into this synergistic phenomenon.

Musically, I play Podington Bear's "Can I Talk To You?" and the ending to Mistle Thrush's "It's All Like Today."

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