Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Episode 37: The Sound of One Hand Applauding

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In this Episode 37: The Sound of One Hand Applauding, I take a peek at four entities that are doing something right. Something, but not enough something to make their efforts truly applaudable. In each instance, the entities fail to complete a truly commendable and clap-worthy accomplishment, slipping in most cases to something that is just head-scratch worthy. As a result, I can only employ one hand to the applause.

Today we hear from The BGs (Ah-ah-ah-ah), Brooke and Bob, in two separate On The Media reports. The earliest interview and revelation comes from Brooke in a May 10, 2013 episode I've already extensively quoted, "Who's Going to Pay For This Stuff?" The other two, both by Bob, are quite a bit more recent, coming from a July 9, 2015 episode entitled "Polls Are Stupid." I also read quite a bit from a website as a result of Brooke's interview.

Music today comes from et doing "Tarmac." The Real Bee Gees briefly appear several times, thanks to Brooke and Bob. And Dmitri Orlov and KMFDM open the show.

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