Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Episode 22: Attack of the Pharma Barbies!

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Behind the obvious advertising with which pharmaceutical companies flood our airwaves and clot our publications, there is a mostly-hidden cadre of sales representatives prowling our medical community and getting more directly in the faces of those entrusted with providing our health care. And they are, largely, quite . . . hot.

Episode 22: Attack of the Pharma Barbies! takes what few experiences I've had encountering this mostly buxom brigade of sales reps and distills them into some disturbing conclusions about how much money is devoted to product promotion. More importantly, where is the most likely source of that money?

In this episode, you hear Yours Truly mangling the genre of beat poetry in an obvious parody backed by Assif Tsahar and Tatsuya Nakatani's avant-garde jazz piece "Come Sunday." You also hear from Metastaz doing (appropriately enough) "Girl & Assassin" and Psychadelik Pedestrian doing "In Suspense." I close with an old favorite from Mistle Thrush.

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