Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Episode 21: From GIGO To MEGO

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With Episode 21: From GIGO To MEGO, I finally wrap up all this political economy non-sense and reveal what happens when assumptions—hiding ideological biases from even those who hold those assumptions—leak into the real world, causing otherwise intelligent people to make suggestions without realizing exactly how disastrous or horrendous those decisions might be. Why? Because they haven't been told the facts by those blinded by a history of denial and ideological assumption.

In the episode, we hear the suggestion so fraught with peril in the real world, one made seriously by journalists from Planet Money in their episode #543, "A World Without Banks." Both Ellen Brown from her podcast and the Bank of England from one of their videos give evidence to why in our reality-based world a world without banks would be calamitous without significant changes made first.

Non-music organ crap in the beginning from me, banging almost randomly on my keyboard with a simulated musical instrument. Music from et, "Don't Think Twice" and the "Don't Think Twice Reprise."


  1. Found you through your interview with KMO. Love your work! How do I subscribe through iTunes? Couldn't find Attack Ads in their store. I can download from your sight, no problem but would like to automatically receive your podcasts. Thank you- Gary

    1. Hey, Gary,

      Thanks for the kind words, and welcome! I know about the iTunes weak link. I've been meaning to sign the pod up, and will soon. Promise.

      In the meantime: take this code: http://attackads.libsyn.com/rss .

      Call up iTunes. Select "File", drop down and select "Subscribe to Podcast."

      Paste that code into the box, and hit "OK."

      You should be subscribed!

      Again, once I create a usepic for the show, I'll register it properly. Until then, you should be off and running!