Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Episode 11: Breaking News

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Though I've touched on this topic a bit in past episodes, with Episode 11: Breaking News, I've decided to create yet another sub-category, another theme that I hope to pursue throughout this series: the way that commercial money exerts influence on the act of gathering and disseminating the news.

For this first of the Breaking News series, I thought I'd touch on the major discrepancies that seem apparent when one considers how consumers are "protected" with "coverage," and how one class of business seems somehow less exposed to press investigations. Hint: in this specific case, it doesn't pay to be a small business person.

ABC News story mentioned in the episode.

The show opens and closes with portions from the opening of the James Cagney's 1959 movie, "Never Steal Anything Small."

Music: Pietnastka's eponymous song.

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