Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Bit of a Delay, With Clarification

Sorry, folks, but in the confluence of events here at Attack Central—an untimely merging of family troubles, hard drive issues, extreme heat in the Studio From Which To Attack, and laundry (specifically, the noise emitted from the machines below Attack Central)—this week's planned episode will be delayed until next week. Not to worry, though, as I will be able to give July (if all goes according to the revised schedule) three full episodes, just not released according to some semblance of a schedule that can be deduced by, well, anyone.

Which leads to the clarification. Those with time to kill and a curious bent might have noticed that sometimes the episodes appear every Tuesday, and sometimes Every Other Tuesday. Which is it? Well, it's neither and it's both. I launched this endeavor on April Fools Day which happened to be a Tuesday, so I thought I would at least honor that coincidence throughout the project. Whether to post once a week or once every two weeks was the only detail to iron out.

Ah, but then come the details that bedevil. My podcast hosting plan allows X amount of content every month. My episodes, even with some pretty generous compression (which is lossy), dictate I could release three per month and still maintain what I consider a follow-able format in listen-able form. Ah, but sometimes months have four Tuesdays, and sometimes they have five! Even with maximum compression and a maniacal editorial policy that limited episodes to between 17 and 32 sentences, I couldn't fill a weekly schedule without doing some serious host plan upgrading . . . and bearing the subsequent expense. Until I figure out what I'm doing here, for this little diversion to continue I need to keep to the budget my wallet will allow.

On the other hand, waiting every other week left me with too many finished episodes sitting on the hard drive. I realized I would have absolutely no timely content whatsoever. That would have been acceptable, were it not for a few episodes (like #2) which were too timely to delay too much.

My solution was to fill the Tuesdays as much as possible without exceeding my upload budget. Sometimes they were every week, sometimes every other, and for Number 9 three weeks will pass. Only this three week delay is unintentional.

Perhaps once I get the so-called hang of this production thing, I will settle on a more discernible pattern of episodic release; that, though, will depend on some equipment upgrade and some soundproofing of the tiny cabinet of recording excitement that is Attack Central. Until then, Gentle Listeners, I do beg your allowance of my unpredictability, and thank you for your continued patience.

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