Monday, July 10, 2017

Episode 83: To The Perpentious!

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Perpentious: (adj.) Considerate of the details
necessary to the success of an event or completion of a task.

Our English language is a mish-mashed mush of a stew with ingredients from so many different sources that it becomes a discipline in itself to guess from where that word or this might hail. I thought it necessary to reconstruct one such word, temporarily misplaced, and further thought it would be a neat idea to offer it and my search to you. Hence, the sentiment of my toast to you, Dear Listeners, and the title of Episode 83: To The Perpentious!

In this episode, I read from my Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary, and from my computer dictionary. I also read from a few searched web sites, and played an incorrect definition from some quiz thing that popped up in that search. Oh, and if anyone out there would like to plunk down some credit digits just to take a gander at the old newspapers and either confirm or deny whether the optical character scanner did its job properly, as I suspect it did not, that would be great! Be sure to grab a screen shot of whatever you find! I did!

[Screen capture deleted because Photobucketofpuke sucks.]

The problem of column conflation.

I play three tunes from Podington Bear, first "Ideas," then "Gathering," and finally "Many Hands." I open the show with KMFDM backing Dmitri Orlov, and close with Julie and Rolf and the campfire gang doing a ukelele version of "Over The Rainbow."

I'm releasing this and all my shows under a Creative Commons 4.0, share-alike, attribution, and non-commercial license.


  1. Thank you for a cool episode and a nice tribute to us, the fastidious listeners!

    I regret to inform you -- the blog host is now showing an error message instead of the column conflation JPEG that was there before. I saw the original image before the error message came up, so this is some kind of bureaucratic IP content thing.

    1. Thanks, Kevin! I thought it would be perceived positively!

      And yeah, I expected that. After something like ten years of me hosting pics on their site and doing the whole third party posting thing, Photobucketofpuke decided to, er, notice me or something. Someone's knickers were uncomfortably found bound upon such notice, so I was sent a notice that they were shocked, shocked! that I had been doing that thing for ten years and really?!

      It's funny when businesses with questionable business models notice that their business models are questionable. I shall be giving them not one thin dime for such questionable tactics, but will rather have to search alternatives.

      Ah, well.

    2. Oh, and even better? After a decade of silence, PBop has also started spamming my email account at near F#c$Book levels (and that's a lot)!

      They really don't know who I am, do they? ;-)

  2. Okay, I'm late to the party,....but, to manifest my own perpentiosity, it seems you mispronounced the word 'transmogrified' by adding an 'r' and saying 'transmorgrified'.
    Keep up the good work, Jim!

    1. Oh, well done, Sir!

      To be quite honest, I thought that a word Calvin made up when he was playing with Hobbes. Since his transmogrifier gun changed the shape of things, my brain automatically added that extra 'r', creating an etymologically association with "morph." You are correct. I was wrong.

      Good catch!

      Your Ard Arttarcker.