Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Episode 78: A Quickie After Courting

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(This episode is part of the series The Powell Movement.)

Sometimes, reality can bitch-slap us right upside our heads with its patented Clue-By-Four™. Reality did that to me, but this time, it only showed how generous I was to the Powell Movementeers when I described their activities in my last Episode 77: Courting Disaster. This is a follow-up to that episode, wherein I let other voices tell you how bad things have gotten. And since it follows 77, and since it is quick, as in short in length of time, this is Episode 78: A Quickie After Courting.

The music of Ga'an, a five-minute piece called "I Of Infinite Forms Part I," backs the voices I've culled from the intertoobs. We hear (not necessarily in order of appearance): Bob Garfield, from an On The Media podcast extra, "Better Know a Justice" (dated March 25, 2017); Jeffrey Toobin, interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air's episode "How One Man Brought Justices Roberts, Alito And Gorsuch To The Supreme Court" (dated April 12, 2017); David Greene from NPR's Morning Edition interviewing Leonard Leo* ("What Comes Next for Neil Gorsuch," released April 5, 2017); Bob Garfield (again, I know) as heard in On The Media's episode "Highly Irregular"** (podcast dated March 25, 2017); Dan Goldberg, from his Counterspin interview (podcast dated March 25, 2017); NBC News, "Neil Gorsuch Confirmed Supreme Court After Senate Uses Nuclear Option;" a Wall St. Journal video, "Gorsuch Gets Campaign-Like Ad Push" (dated February 21, 2017); a US News video, "Judicial Crisis Network Releases Ad Supporting Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court" (dated February 3, 2017); and a CNN piece, "Making America Great Neil Gorsuch" (dated April 4, 2017).

(As to the asterisks, I would encourage everyone to listen to the source material so marked, both the David Greene interview with, let's remember, THE key player in this drama, Leonard Leo, the man who vetted and listed Gorsuch and two other Supreme Court justices for Republican presidents. For David Greene to *NOT* acknowledge Leo's prominent role in Gorsuch's selection, and treat him just as an "advisor" to President Trump, is to take away for a good long time any claim he—or NPR—has as a "liberal" position or even liberal leaning. That was hiding the bias to the highest degree possible. And Bob Garfield's interview with director Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network should be heard to be properly hated. The snark, the smug, the "screw you, poor people" coming from her mug was almost as condescending Leo's supercilious and disingenuous tone.

(Y'know, fuck them both. I planned to put that tone in the quickie mash-up, but felt I would have to back pedal constantly to correct the taint of lies spewing from both their pie holes too much to keep the episode quick. Go. Have a listen for yourself. These bastards are outright bragging about their Destruction of Democracy.)

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