Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Another Unavoidable Hiatus

Just as happened last March, I must once again interrupt these episodes to accommodate a house guest in what is now the production studio. Two unfinished episodes rest, as they say, "in the can" ready for completion, and many others are "in the works," sitting inchoate on my hard drive waiting for studio time to bring them to life. Once that studio is free for my use, expect a flood of episodes.

I will say this: the situation that brought my house guest here is very, very unusual. Though I cannot detail what is happening without possibly bringing legal consequences, I can say the story is unusual and interesting enough to be entertaining to more than mere participants. I'm thinking about turning the story, once it reaches a resolution, into a couple of episodes, though they would have nothing to do with advertising. I might record a few such episodes and test the waters with you, Gentle Listeners, to see if more episodes would be welcomed.

That, though, is for the future. Again, I deeply regret the interruption, no matter how necessary.

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