Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Episode 33: The Sinclair Maxim

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Time to return to two of what must be my least and most favorite sources for podcast material. Episode 33: The Sinclair Maxim first dives into the bothersome wrongness of the NPR podcast and frequent Attack Ads! hobbyhorse and scapegoat Planet Money. Just when I think they couldn't get even worse, they prove me wrong and overly optimistic yet again. My seeming favorite source is in the title.

In this episode, we hear from two Planet Money co-productions made with This American Life, "The Giant Pool of Money" and "The Invention of Money." Inspiration for this episode was appropriately triggered by a glaring detail found opening Planet Money's episode #619, "The Free Throw Experiment." We also hear Planet Money top dog Adam Davidson's appearance on local Seattle NPR affiliate KUOW, on their show The Conversation, a conversation that aired May 26, 2010.

Musically, I chose Metastaz's "Skreeem" and "Miss Fortune", both of which fit frighteningly well into the theme of the show itself.

Finally, credit where due.


I dedicate the title for today's episode to Upton Sinclair, specifically for his quote, details of which can be found in his 1934 book, "I, Candidate for Governor, And How I got Licked."

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