Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Episode 29: Drinking Yourself Sober

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What's a greater threat to a society, the money collected to do something harmful, or the spending of that money? Answering that simple question should guide action when it comes to addressing and perhaps reversing the harm caused by the harmful practice.

Failing to recognize this simple dichotomy causes folks to sometimes try something helpful that might not be. This is the theme of Episode 29: Drinking Yourself Sober, where I share the exploits of one Lawrence Lessig, creator of the Creative Commons License and political activist.

We hear in this episode from two of Lessig's TED Talks; one entitled Lester Land, the other The Unstoppable Walk to Political Reform. We also hear from former Vice President Al Gore talking about what's really wrong with things today.

Music from Jahzzar doing "Listen Carefully," and Pat Boone—yes, that Pat Boone—covering Judas Priest's "You've Got Another Thing Coming." (There's a reason, trust me.)

Addendum, March 4: Listener l33t was the first in alerting me to a bad sound file. Looks like the audio editor barfed out a bad file, silent after a minute and a half, one I did not catch. I've deleted the bad file from the 'cast host and re-exported the mp3 after making sure content exists within, at least after a random file sample up to the ending. There may be gaps, but it's mostly there, under the same file name.

I apologize for the screw up.


  1. There's something wrong with the upload for this episode. It gets to 1:34, then goes silent.

    1. D'oh! Looks like the audio editor barfed. I've deleted that file and replaced it with a newly exported one. The file name is the same.

      Sorry about that, Dude.