Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Episode 7: Longer, Slower, Uncut

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In Episode 7, Longer, Slower, Uncut, I consider what some call Slow Television, content that refuses to be contained in limited time slots and constrained by the manic and incessant pace of commercial advertising. Really, in a digital cable television reality, why shouldn't someone have a channel that shows nothing but puppies frolicking, sleeping, eating, and all without commercial interruption?

Seriously. Why not?

Supporting content and inspirational material from This American Life episode #233, "Starting From Scratch", featuring the story "Puppy Love"; from On The Media's episode "I Want My Slow TV!"; and from Stephen Fry's Podgrams, Series 2, Episode 4, iTunes Live Festival.

Brief music selection by Ludwig von Beethoven, Fifth Symphony. First musical interlude from Charles Atlas, "Signal Flags". Closing interlude music from Omyiga, "Hypnogogia".

Oh, and for those that want a feed instead of individual downloads, plug http://attackads.libsyn.com/rss into your feed gatherer. Lemme know in the comments section if there are problems. Once Certain Quite Major and Unavoidable Family Problems are better resolved, I'll have more time to smooth the bugs out of the more popular feed portals; but not until then, I'm afraid.

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