Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Episode 3: The Drapes Must Not Clash!

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With Episode 3: The Drapes Must Not Clash!, I introduce an analogy and what I hope to be a running theme within the podcast: media content and styles that conflict with the advertising funding mechanism, themes and modalities that therefore are marginalized, dismissed or outright ignored. How many are shunned might surprise!

Middle orchestral music: "Le Petite Jardin" with Les Gauchers Orchestra by Lee Maddeford. Also squeezed in there is "Piggies" by the Beattles.

Closing tunage: the finale to "It's All Like Today" by the fabulous band Mistle Thrush. Really, I'd love this band even if my wife's cousin wasn't the base player!


  1. Link is broken, there's an extra space in the URL.

    Also, the RSS field is not formatted to allow podcast apps to parse it. Maybe try this?

  2. Thanks, l33t. Damn, but this Blogger interface is so much less intuitive than LJ.

    I've delayed getting a proper feed going until I have a decent podcast image for a thumbnail, and so far my efforts have been torn between work and family crap. I might farm out the actual design to someone with better graphics apps than I have.

    I'm glad someone is listening, though!

  3. Missed this for a while, but I'm catching up now.

    Turns out there's a podcast-format feed for this on Libsyn here, so now this is properly hooked up in my podcatcher.

  4. The effect of that need to "match" on comedy or news is interesting, but I expect there's an interesting impact on televised fiction as well (e.g. anything having to do with cars in The Walking Dead, where some years after the apocalypse cars and roads are maybe a bit dusty, but otherwise completely reliable).